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Bay Restoration Fund

Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. proposed and the Maryland General Assembly has found that the Chesapeake Bay has experienced a decline in water quality due to over enrichment of nutrients. On May 26, 2004, Governor Ehrlich signed into law Senate Bill 320 that established the Bay Restoration Fund (“BRF”). Senate Bill 320, codified at 2004 Laws of Maryland Chapter 428, requires owners of wastewater treatment plants to collect a $5.00 monthly fee from their users, effective July 1, 2012. The legislation also requires that users of on-site sewage disposal systems or holding tanks pay a fee of Sixty Dollars ($60.00) per user per year. Metcom started billing public sewer users on January 1, 2005. If you have a line on your tax bill labeled “BRF,” you are being billed this latter amount ($60.00 per year) because State and County records indicate that your property has at least one user of an on-site sewage disposal system or holding tank and your property is subject to the fee. The County collects your BRF payment and forwards it to the State for upgrades to onsite systems and implementation of cover crops to reduce nitrogen leading to the Bay. Delinquent payments will be pursued as unpaid after October 1, 2007.

Additional information available from the Maryland Department of the Environment http://www.mde.maryland.gov/programs/water/bayrestorationfund/pages/index.aspx