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Election Judges

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All Election positions has been filled for the upcoming 2020 General Election. THANK YOU! To you all that have applied.

Please Contact our office at electionjudges@stmarysmd.com or 301-475-4200 ext. 71614 for any questions.

Election Judges

Are responsible for administering the actual voting procedures in each precinct. These individuals are the only contact the Board of Elections has with the general public during voting hours. Therefore, Election Judges must be reliable, courteous, present a neat appearance, be able to follow procedure, and above all else, possess good judgment. Without Election Judges, it would be impossible to conduct an election.

To Servce As An Election Judge You Must:

  • be at least 16 years of age
  • be a registered voter in Maryland
  • be able to speak, read and write in the English language
  • be physically able to work throughout Election Day (6:00AM - 9:00PM)
  • must complete mandatory training
  • cannot be a candidate, campaign manager for a candidate, or a treasurer for a candidate or political party
  • cannot engage in partisan or political activity while on duty

*This is a paid position