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2018 General Election (UNOFFICIAL) -11/16/2018 3:30:03 PM - 40/40 reporting

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Governor / Lt. GovernorDetails
Attorney GeneralDetails
U.S. SenatorDetails
Representative in Congress - 5 Congressional District 5Details
State Senator - 29 Legislative District 29Details
House of Delegates - 29A Legislative Subdistrict 29ADetails
House of Delegates - 29B Legislative Subdistrict 29BDetails
House of Delegates - 29C Legislative Subdistrict 29CDetails
Pres County CommissionDetails
County Commissioner - 1Details
County Commissioner - 2Details
County Commissioner - 3Details
County Commissioner - 4Details
Judge Special Appeals At LargeDetails
Judge Special Appeals At LargeDetails
State's AttorneyDetails
Clerk Circuit CourtDetails
Register of WillsDetails
Judge Orphans CourtDetails
Board of Education - 1Details
Board of Education - 3Details
Question 1Details
Question 2Details

11/16/2018 3:30:03 PM - 40/40 reporting