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Project Graduation

Dear Parents,

Congratulations to you and your child on the fast approaching graduation. It truly is my pleasure to share your justifiable pride in your child's accomplishment. I do not want anything to spoil this wonderful occasion for you and your family.

In the past, this memorable event has sometimes been marred by senseless tragedies resulting from the dangerous mixture of alcohol, youthful exuberance and automobiles. Since 1984 in an effort to prevent such tragedies, my office has sponsored PROJECT GRADUATION. Project Graduation is a yearlong education program focusing on the dangers of drunk and/or drugged driving and underage drinking, concluding with a gala graduation night party for each high school graduating class. The graduates plan the festivities for their party and all graduates with their guests, commit to remaining alcohol and chemical-free for the evening. This effort has paid off. We have not had an alcohol-related fatal crash amongst our young people on graduation night since the program's inception.

As your State's Attorney, I promise to continue to offer and fund this wonderful event and once again pledge all the resources of my office in support of the program. The students have been busily working to plan an exciting finish to their high school years. The Navy has graciously invited us to use their extensive recreation facilities. The Optimist Clubs of St. Mary's County will be cooking all night preparing a wide variety of delicious foods and serving breakfast prior to departure. Volunteer bus drivers are signing up to transport the graduates and their guests to and from the party. Adult supervision will be provided by the State's Attorney's Office, the Maryland State Police, the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Defense Police. It is important to remember that all the individuals are volunteering their time to provide this service. Anything that happens at Patuxent River, NAS is subject to rules and laws governing this fine institution.

All attendees will have an opportunity to enjoy wonderful fellowship with classmates they may never see again, great food, bowling, swimming, dancing, softball, basketball, games, volleyball, movies, an ice cream sundae bar and more all free of charge!

I write today to congratulate you and to solicit your support for this unique program. I am advising, you urge your child to attend. Hopefully this year we can have 100% graduate participation and once again avoid any tragic events during this exciting time of year. Please accept my offer and have your child return the enclosed registration form to their senior class advisor. Thank you for your participation. It is a pleasure to serve you.

Richard D. Fritz
State's Attorney for St. Mary's County, Maryland

Project Graduation Chemical-Free Party Contract

I understand that on the night of my high school's graduation ceremony there will be a DRUG-FREE, ALCOHOL-FREE GRADUATION PARTY. I agree that in return for being allowed to participate in the Project Graduation celebration that I and my parent/guardian agree to abide by and acknowledge all of the following Rules:

  1. Graduates and guests will drink no alcohol, take any illicit drugs before or during the party, or use tobacco products, including vaping devices, while at the party.
  2. If student or guest is not permitted to participate in school activities, they cannot attend Project Graduation
  3. Graduates may, at their option, take one guest. Guests must be at least high-school student and no older than 21 years old, unless it's an Immediate family member approved by the Office of the State's Attorney. All current high school guests are expected to attend classes the next morning if their school is in session.
  4. Graduates and their guests must arrive and leave together.
  5. All attendees of the Party must check in at St. Mary's College and take a Project Graduation Bus to and from the Party, Buses will begin leaving St. Mary's College approximately 30 minutes after graduation and will continue running until the last bus leaves for the Party at 9:30 PM.
  6. If a student is injured at the event, the lead school Administrator and the EMTs on scene will make the decision on whether or not the student is transported by ambulance.
  7. There are two departure times from the party for attendees. The first departure from the Party will be at 2:30 AM and the final is at 4:00 AM. Please note: Buses will be returning students to their High School, not St. Mary's College.
  9. Chaperons will be provided by State's Attorneys, Law Enforcement Officers, County Employees and Educators.
  10. Any issues not covered by the above or their interpretation and/or approval of guests will be within the sole discretion of State's Attorney Personnel
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I hereby consent for the above named individual(s) to participate in “PROJECT GRADUATION 2019” at the Drill Hall aboard the Patuxent River Naval Air Station. I have read and understand the rules, times and agree that I will abide by same and further agree that if my graduate and/or guest should violate same I will come and pick up said graduate and guest.