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The Finer Points Newsletter

The Finer Points newsletter is a publication of the non-profit Friends of the St. Clement's Island and Piney Point Museums and serves as communication to its membership of the events, programs, progress, and direction of the St. Mary’s County Museum Division. The Friends, through its financial resources, support the historical interpretation, education programs and special needs of the sites managed by the St. Mary’s County Museum Division. Through this newsletter, the Friends hope to broaden understanding of and interest in these historic sites. To read the latest editions of ‘The Finer Points”, click below:

• Spring 2019 Finer Points

• Fall 2018 Finer Points

• Fall 2017 Finer Points

• Summer 2017 Finer Points

• Spring 2017 Finer Points

• Finer Points - Fall 2012

• Finer Points - Summer 2012

• Finer Points - Fall 2011

• Finer Points - Spring 2011

• Finer Points - Fall 2010

• Finer Points - Summer 2010

• Finer Points - Fall 2009

• Finer Points - Summer 2009

• Finer Points - January 2009

• Finer Points - September 2008

• Finer Points - June 2008

• Finer Points - December 2007

• Finer Points - September 2007

• Finer Points - June 2007

• Finer Points - March 2007

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