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image of Drayden African American School House
image of Drayden African American School House
image Teaching at the Drayden African American School House

  Drayden African-American Schoolhouse (c. 1890)
18287 Cherryfield Road, Drayden, MD 20630

Explore the stories of struggle of the St. Mary’s County African American community during an era of segregated education at this authentically-restored, one-room schoolhouse. The Drayden African-American Schoolhouse is a frame building with its foundation resting on tree trunks located on its original site on Cherryfield Road in Drayden, MD. This style of construction has been popular throughout Southern Maryland since the time of the arrival of the first Europeans.

Acquired by St. Mary’s County Government in 2000, this site has been designated as an important and significant symbol of education in St. Mary’s County to be preserved and interpreted within the Museum Division of the St. Mary’s County Department of Recreation and Parks. Known as one of the best-preserved African American schoolhouses in the country, this recently-renovated (2018), one-room structure stands on its original site and has not been significantly altered. Built around 1890, it continued use until 1944.

Open to the public during monthly open houses during the warmer months and on special occasions, the public can read the exterior interpretive panels for the passerby when it is closed. Private and group tours are also available by pre-arrangement. Those interested in a pre-arranged tour should call the Piney Point Lighthouse Museum site supervisor, April Havens, at 301-994-1471.

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