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 Zoning Administration

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Zoning Administrator
Yvonne Chaillet, ext. *1523

Critical Area and Floodplain
Kelly Palmer, CFM, ext. *1528
Ben Cohen, ext. *1542

Signs and Home Occupations
Jackie Green, ext. *1520

Stated simply, zoning means to designate or mark off into zones or areas distinguished from each other by specific features. The primary purpose of zoning is to segregate uses that are thought to be incompatible and to protect existing residences and businesses from adverse effects that could result from new development.

Authority to zone is granted in Maryland by §4-202, Land Use Article, Annotated Code of Maryland which states that zoning regulations are designed to:
1) control street congestion;
2) promote health, public safety, and general welfare;
3) provide adequate light and air;
4) promote the conservation of natural resources;
5) prevent environmental pollution;
6) avoid an undue concentration of population; and
7) promote or facilitate adequate transportation, water, sewerage, schools, recreation, parks, and other public facilities.

The Division of Zoning Administration is responsible for the review and approval of:
• building permits, environmental permits in the Critical Area;
• all shoreline erosion protection measures and piers;
• home occupation permits.

Zoning Administration also encompasses the management of the Board of Appeals and Administrative Variance work programs. Additional responsibilities include:
• review of subdivisions and site plans for compliance with Critical Area regulations
• registration and tracking of nonconforming uses;
• research on past and current land use activities; and
• writing and presenting text amendments to the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision Ordinance.

Staff is in daily contact with the Maryland Departments of the Environment and of Natural Resources, the Maryland Critical Area Commission, the St. Mary’s Soil Conservation District and the County Health Department. Staff also works closely with the Department of Public Works & Transportation and the Department of Recreation and Parks on specific interrelated projects.