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Lexington Park Development District Master Plan


Kwasi Bosompem
Senior Planner
301-475-4200 Ext 71507

I.  The Plan

Lexington Park Development District Master Plan
Adopted by the Commissioners of St. Mary's County : February 9, 2016 Effective Date: February 23, 2016

Land Use Maps for Lexington Park Development District
Adopted By the Commissions of St. Mary's county May 8, 2018

III. Background Materials

Planning Commission Recommended Draft - September 2015
2010 St. Mary’s County Comprehensive Plan
2006 St. Mary's County Transportation Plan
Transportation Plan Appendices
2005 Lexington Park Development District Master Plan Amended 2008
1999 Lexington Park - Tulagi Place Master Plan
Workbook for Analysis of the Air Installations Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ)
Market and Assessment Opportunities Report
Recruitment Report
Pegg Road Extension Environmental Assessment
Land Use and Growth Management Web Page
Economic Development, Department of (DED)
Public Works and Transportation, Department of (DPWT)
Planning, Maryland Department of
User Guide for Maryland Sustainable Community Revitalization