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Employee Status Updated 08/12/2021: Open with Liberal Leave
Office Status: Normal
Employee Information

Goals and Objectives

The Building Services Division provides solutions for problems large and small – including when your sink is clogged, your office is too cold, you are locked out of your office, or your light bulbs need changing - just to name a few. The responsibility of supporting the daily business and activities of County-maintained buildings rests with this key department and its workforce. They are likely some of the most familiar faces of County government - the people you see around the office everyday who keep the buildings and grounds clean, beautiful and most importantly, operating smoothly. This is accomplished under the following goals and objectives:

Goal 1 - Provide a Clean Working Environment.


Goal 2 - Provide a Comfortable Working Environment.

safety sign

Goal 3 - Provide a Safe & Secure Working Environment.


Goal 4 - Provide a Friendly Working Environment.