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Public Works Community eForum

Community eForum is placed here for you to register your opinions and thoughts via the Internet about the services we provide. By improving the quality of our services we can help improve the quality of life in St. Mary's County. Tell us what you think.

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Rankings Scale (1=Poor - 5=Excellent)

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  • What is your overall opinion of the Department of Public Works?
  • In general, how would you rate the quality of the people who work for DPW?
  • Courtesy (polite, respectful, considerate and friendly)
  • Competence (have the skills and knowledge to perform the service)
  • Responsiveness (willing to help and provides prompt service)
  • Reliability (able to perform the service dependably and accurately)
  • Understanding (makes the effort to know you and your needs)
Comments: Please share your thoughts on how our Department is functioning and any ideas you might have to improve the quality of the service we offer.

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