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Digital Plan Reviews

The current design/review process for site and subdivision plan review requires designers to mail/deliver large volumes of paper plans which incur an mapsexpense to Owners/Applicants. This volume of paper creates a burden on the St. Mary’s County DPW&T in filing and archiving the documents. To address these issues and to help expedite the approval process by reducing the delivery time, DPW&T has obtained Bluebeam “Revu” plan review software, along with large monitors, to allow staff to begin a digital plan review program. As of November 2014, with the pilot project completed, designers now have the option to submit drawings and calculations in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format during the post-Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) design process.

Please use the following guidelines for plan submission:

1. Designers may download Bluebeam Vu at no cost from www.bluebeam.com. This software allows designers to view comments and collaborate in real time online. If the designer upgrades to Bluebeam Revu, those drawings may be saved to their PC.

2. Plans may be emailed if less than 15 MB (email entire plan set as one document), delivered by CD or DVD, or a file sharing link such as Drop Box. St. Mary’s County DPW&T is working with Emergency Services and Technology to set up an ftp site for ease of transmission.

3. Submissions must be made to the Development Coordinator (currently DevelopmentReview@stmarysmd.com) to allow for continued tracking/prioritization of work items. The file name should be , , (e.g. “Some subdivision, Phase 1 Section 2, xx-xxx-xxx, 11-2-14”). Major developments with named section should use the major name first, then the section name second (e.g. “Wildewood Primrose Park…” or” Dollar General Leonardtown…”), with the LUGM number and date following.

4. Designers will receive their comments in Adobe .pdf format, annotated on the plans.

5. Final sets (including computations and all forms) shall be submitted by the designer in digital and hard copy form (4 sets which may be reduced to 3 for site plan development) when permits are required. Similarly, “as-built” plans (which need to be reviewed in the field) should be both digital and hard copy (2 sets).

6. Digital signatures need to comply with Maryland Board of Professional Engineer requirements (COMAR, effective September 1, 2014). DPW&T is working on obtaining a digital signature for use on final plan approvals to avoid the need to scan the approval sheet, which will also reduce the number of final sets required. At that time, a DPW&T approval stamp (to be provided by DPW&T) will need to be included in the drawing set by the designer.

7. Quality of drawings shall be 200 dots per inch (dpi) on the review version, and 300 dpi on the final version (per State archiving regulations).

8. Comment responses may either be made in typed format on the revised plans, or a letter may be attached to the transmission of the resubmission.

9. We continue to encourage pre and post submission conferences, which the online collaboration function of Bluebeam will allow over the phone with both designer and reviewer observing the plans online.