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Employee Status Updated 08/12/2021: Open with Liberal Leave
Office Status: Normal
Employee Information

Areas of Responsibility

Operations Specialty Responsibilities

Plans, organizes, and directs a large group of custodial, operational and trades employees engaged in a wide variety of service and maintenance functions such as electrical, carpentry, painting, plumbing and mechanical activities.

worker maintaining equipment

Evaluates recommendations in terms of applicability and effectiveness in promoting desired objectives; continuously investigates possibility for redistribution of work, changes in equipment and work methods from a savings, service and efficiency standpoint; reviews requests for major repair services to assign priority and provide for prompt scheduling; supervises the maintenance of and reviews records pertaining to service and repairs performed; consults with Director concerning financial and equipment needs.

Confers with multiple facility users concerning redecoration and maintenance needs; investigates complaints; resolves problems pertaining to services rendered by the building services division; attends meetings to review architectural and engineering plans and proposals to meet maintenance requirements. 

Assists with special event functions through the Public Information Office; ensures special events work meets deadlines and is done to the satisfaction of special events organizers; coordinates administrative and maintenance personnel to provide special events services.

Operations Specialty Skills & Abilities

Practices, methods, techniques, tools, materials and equipment which are essential in building and grounds service and maintenance activities.

Building services management techniques.

worker conducting maintenance.

Maintenance and scheduling procedures as they apply to building and grounds operations and maintenance.

Methods and procedures which may be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a building and grounds operations and maintenance program.

The occupational hazards and safety precautions pertaining to all phases of building and grounds operation and maintenance.

Supervisory methods and techniques.

Plan, organize, coordinate and direct a large scale diversified building and grounds services and maintenance program.

Estimate labor, material and time factors involved in a variety of building and grounds maintenance projects.

Devise effective operations schedules.

Keep abreast of recent developments in fields of building operation and maintenance and to effectively apply such innovations to municipal building and grounds operations and maintenance activities.

Make, interpret and work from technical sketches and plans and to requisition and specify tools, materials, supplies and equipment essential to the operation and maintenance of buildings and grounds.

Contract Management Responsibilities

Directs the negotiation, implementation, evaluation, and compliance of contracted building services; monitors providers' compliance with service standards and special requirements; recommends corrective action for deficient or problematic service providers; recommends non-payment or termination of regular or grossly deficient contracted services.


Prepares contract specifications and bid documents; works in conjunction with consultants and other County Departments to analyze contract documents; participates in contract negotiations; recommends the approval of contract proposals to the Procurement and Real Property Management Offices; tracks contracts through the certification and administrative processes; notifies contractors of non-conformance.

Reviews prior audit reports and prepares asset management information in accordance with proper accounting standards; makes recommendations regarding compliance with contracted agreements and agency directives.

Contract Management Skills & Abilities

The principles and practices of contract and grant development, negotiations, administration and control as they relate to the provision of building services and leases.

Municipal ordinances, procedures and guidelines pertaining to contract preparation and processing.

The principles and practices involved in monitoring and evaluating contracted building services.

The administrative aspects of financially auditing provider agencies.

The principles, practices and techniques of contract management and compliance requirements.

Supervisory methods and techniques.

Direct a contract negotiation, implementation and compliance division through subordinate managers and supervisors.

Analyze and develop recommendations concerning contract provisions and requirements.

Develop reporting, quality control, and tracking systems for monitoring contracted agreements.

Negotiate contract provisions with providers.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with administrators, associates, interdepartmental or contracted agencies.

Express ideas effectively, both orally and in writing.

Miscellaneous Responsibilities

Inspects buildings and grounds to ascertain the degree to which standards of cleanliness and maintenance have been attained and to prevent and eliminate unsanitary, unsafe, or unsatisfactory conditions; inspects power plant and elevator operation equipment in major buildings to ascertain that maintenance standards are being adhered to and to eliminate unsafe and unsatisfactory conditions.

Evaluates work performance of divisional personnel; observes need for and initiates training classes; reviews work schedules and determines personnel needs; reviews, and whenever possible, resolves grievance problems.

Keeps informed of new methods and products used in buildings and grounds maintenance through periodicals, sales interviews and meetings with leaders in the building maintenance field; experiments with new products, equipment and work methods and directs instruction of personnel in their use; plans for, reviews and approves requisitions for stock replacement, new equipment and materials; estimates, or arranges for estimates of proposed alterations and major repairs; serves as building manager consultant to other municipal agencies.

Performs related work as required.

 worker sanding a wall.

Directs, through subordinate supervisors, a large staff of trades and other employees engaged in carpentry, mechanical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and other maintenance and repair functions for various facilities and equipment; confers with trades supervisors to ensure that maintenance problems are resolved; tours buildings and grounds to ascertain that established standards of maintenance are being followed; prepares overall maintenance schedules; oversees contracted maintenance and repair activities.

Recommends modifications to existing plant and equipment facilities; prepares rough layouts, plans and specifications, and cost estimates of proposed renovation and construction projects; consults with architects and engineers to ascertain that departmental functional requirements are effectively incorporated into the plans and specifications for new capital facilities; reviews resulting plans and specifications to determine that no conflict exists and that the operating needs of the department are provided for, refers discrepancies to the attention of consultant architects and engineers.

Coordinates renovation and construction activities of outside contractors; inspects work performed by outside contractors while in progress and upon completion; approves changes in materials and determines that the letter and intent of the plans and specifications are properly carried out by prime and sub-contractors; recommends departmental acceptance and authorization of final payment on capital projects.

Makes recommendations on projects to be included in the capital budget; advises management on budgetary requirements of proposed work; schedules construction activities to conform to budget restraints; monitors capital program activities; directs the maintenance of cost and other records; serves as an technical advisor to Engineering Division and other Departmental administrators; reports on progress of renovation / repair projects and maintenance work.

Investigates the possible redistribution of work or changes in equipment and work methods to reduce costs or improve efficiency.

Miscellaneous Skills & Abilities

Achieve a high standard of service to building occupants and the general public and to exercise significant judgment and tact in resolving problems which arise in normal building and grounds operations.

Constantly review operations and contracts and improve the effectiveness of the Division.

Achieve and maintain harmonious relationships with building occupants, the public and fellow employees.