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Business Development

A designated Maryland Technology Corridor, St. Mary’s is prepared and willing to welcome your business.

The Division’s mission is to promote St. Mary’s County’s competitive advantages to current businesses and prospective businesses and to develop a more diversified economy. New and expanding businesses fill office space and add to the county’s tax base by creating demand for new office space. A larger commercial tax base will provide more revenue for public services. Helping current businesses to expand and recruit targeted new industries to create high-paying jobs for our skilled workforce.

Our mission is to:

• Facilitate and coordinate customized financing strategies for existing and new businesses; provide confidential site location assistance; and identify workforce challenges, opportunities and solutions.

• Provide informational data for key decision makers and community leaders. By updating and creating data needed for business retention and attraction goals and to inform the public of St. Mary’s County economic trend.

• Continually outreach to all St. Mary’s County businesses and business organizations and agencies to ensure the business community has the resources needed to prosper and are knowledgeable of growth opportunities.