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Doing Business with St. Mary's County Government

Becoming a St. Mary’s County Vendor:

St. Mary’s County purchases its goods, services and construction competitively in an open competitive market. To accomplish this, the County has centralized its purchasing process. A centralized purchasing department or office has the expressed authority to commit the County to a contract. Under this system individual persons or departments throughout the organization do not have the authority to enter into a contract.

The County’s competitive purchasing conditions and requirements are established by the St. Mary’s County Procurement Office. The St. Mary’s County Procurement Office fashions purchasing conditions and requirements based on applicable legislation. This legislation originates from the State of Maryland and the various codes and ordinances of the County of St. Mary’s. The conditions established by the County set forth the provisions vendors must meet in order to sell their products or services. Requirements established by governing status set forth the manner in which those products and services are purchased.

Your chances for securing business with the County, regardless of which type of competition is involved, are greatly increased if you are registered in our active bidder list. In order to be on our active bidder list, you must first have been established as a County vendor. To obtain information on how to become a County vendor, please contact the Procurement Office at 301-475-4200 ext. 1220

For current bidding opportunities, please go to: