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Adoption Date
Effective Date
  View Resolution   95-0047   Non-Public School Bus Drivers Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy   11/28/1995      
  View Resolution   90-0012   Volunteer Fire Department/Rescue Squad/Advanced Life Support - Workmen's Compens More ...   7/17/1990      
  View Zoning Ordinance   Z-92-0002   ZPUD #86-0893
Mayjack, Inc. (Hickory Hills)  
  View Zoning Ordinance   Z-91-0008   Zoning Decision 91-CA Board of Appeals Policy Critical Area Buffer Variances   9/17/1991      
  View Resolution   86-0021   St. Mary's County Self-Insurance Fund - Amendments No. 1 and No. 2   9/16/1986      
  View Resolution   80-0094   Board of Education Capital Improvement Program   12/16/1980      
  View Resolution   03-0072   St. Mary's County Building Authority   11/17/2003      
  View Resolution   03-0015   Adoption of Porto Bello Court and Vernon Court
Porto Bello Estates, Subdivision More ...  
  View Zoning Ordinance   Z-85-0006   Zone #83-0324
Mary W. Readmond  
  View Resolution   66-0002   Trailer Moratorium   4/30/1966      
  View Resolution   72-0007   Citizens' Scholarship Drive; "Dollars for Scholars"   11/11/1972      
  View Resolution   72-0015   Tall Timbers Erosion Tax   11/11/1972      
  View Ordinance   R-76-0002   Roads - To Establish Stop Intersection(s) on Laurel Grove Road.   3/17/1976      
  View Ordinance   R-76-0001   Roads - To Establish Stop Intersection(s) on Vincent Circle, Mason Drive, Walnut More ...   3/17/1976      
  View Ordinance   R-76-0003   Roads - To Establish Stop Intersection(s) on Filmore Drive, Boatner Drive, Gough More ...   4/15/1976      
  View Ordinance   R-76-0004   Roads - To Establish Stop Intersection(s) on Church Drive and Colmar Lane in Gre More ...   3/17/1976      
  View Ordinance   R-76-0005   Roads - To Regulate Speed on Cornfield Harbor Road.   3/10/1976      
  View Ordinance   R-76-0006   Roads - To Regulate Speed on Hancock Drive and Hill Street in Shady Dale Subdivi More ...   3/17/1976      
  View Ordinance   R-76-0008   Roads - To Regulate Speed on Laurel Grove Road.   4/21/1976      
  View Ordinance   R-76-0009   Roads - To Regulate Speed on Millstone Landing Road.   4/14/1976