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Employee Status: Open with Liberal Leave
Office Status: Normal
Employee Information

Office of the County Attorney

David A. Weiskopf, County Attorney
(301) 475-4200 ext. 71700

  • The legal counsel to the St. Mary's County Government
  • Advises the Board of County Commissioners, the County Administrator, departments of the County Government, and advisory boards and commissions appointed by the County Commissioners
  • Serves as legal advisor to the St. Mary's County Board of Appeals, the St. Mary's County Planning Commission, and the St. Mary's Ethics Commission
  • Processes real estate acquisitions, dispositions, and leases on behalf of the St. Mary's County Government and maintains an inventory of real estate owned by the County
  • Coordinates the preparation and monitoring of annual requests for legislative action made to the St. Mary's County Legislative Delegation
  • Drafts ordinances, resolutions, and notices of public hearings
  • Represents St. Mary's County in court proceedings
  • Coordinates the defense of claims of wrongful injury against the St. Mary's County Government
  • Prosecutes civil municipal infractions on behalf of the St. Mary's County Government

The Office of the County Attorney is not permitted to:

  • Provide legal services to those who cannot afford an attorney
  • Give legal advice to private citizens

The County Attorney does not:

  • Prosecute or defend criminal matters
  • Represent departments or agencies of the State of Maryland

Other legal resources for citizens include:

  • State's Attorney for St. Mary's County - (301) 475-7844 ext. 4500
  • Office of the Public Defender (St. Mary's County) - (301) 880-2830
  • Maryland Legal Aid - (877) 310-1810
  • Consumer Protection Division (Attorney General of Maryland) - (410) 576-6557

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