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Employee Status Updated 08/12/2021: Open with Liberal Leave
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Children and Family Services

Free & Low Cost Activities for Parents During Summer

After School Programs

The Division of Human Services works in partnership with St. Mary’s County Public Schools to provide an after school program to children and families within St. Mary’s County at Green Holly Elementary School.

Asset Development

Asset Development is a program directed toward positive youth development utilizing 40 building blocks critical in the growth and development of youth of all ages.

Program Offerings:

Training and tools on Asset Development including books, videos, kits and other materials are available at all local libraries for check out

Local community agencies have been trained in this model including representatives from St. Mary’s County Government, St. Mary’s County Libraries, St. Mary’s County Public Schools, and various non-profits.

Several local schools have implemented this program and have kits onsite containing books, videos and other training materials.