Comprehensive Planning

The Comprehensive Planning Division is responsible for a variety of planning areas including: both long range county-wide and small area planning; thematic planning, such as historic preservation; resource protection planning including critical area; functional planning, specifically capital facilities, water and sewer, transportation, as well as schools; statistics such as population; and maps

General Planning

The St. Mary's County Comprehensive Plan was adopted March 2010. A Master Plan for the Lexington Park Development District was adopted November 1, 2005 and amended July 15, 2008. The division assists the planning commission in preparing its Annual Report.

Environmental Planning

To maintain a balance between orderly growth and protection of the natural environment, the County administers a Critical Area Ordinance (Chapter 41 of Zoning Ordinance) and Resource Protection Ordinance (Chapter 71 of Zoning Ordinance). The department participates in the development of watershed management plans, such as the plan developed for the Hilton Run Watershed, and the state-wide Tributary Strategies Program.

Historic Preservation

The historic preservation program implements the plan adopted by the Board of County Commissioners in March of 2000, entitled "Painting a Self Portrait: A Historic Preservation Plan for St. Mary's County". Copies of the adopted plan are available from the Department of Land Use and Growth Management. The Historic Preservation Commission provides oversight of on-going programs.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS & Maps) for Planning

Capital Facilities

Planning the infrastructure to support growth includes preparing and implementing a water and sewerage plan, and tracking the adequacy of schools and roads.


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