Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF)

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The Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF) program is one of the nation's leaders in farmland preservation and a central element of Maryland's Priority Places and Smart Growth Initiatives. Combining the Foundation's program with county programs, Maryland has preserved more farmland for future production than any other state in the country. The primary purpose of MALPF is to preserve sufficient agricultural land in order to maintain a viable local base of food and fiber production for the present and future citizens of Maryland.
MAPLF requires that participating properties:

• Have a minimum of 50 acres, unless the adjoining property is already protected

• Have a soil quality of at least 50% class I, II, III soils or Woodland Groups I and II

• Can not be within the County’s 10 year Water and Sewer Plan

• Have remaining Development Rights

Landowners with property that meet the above mentioned criteria and wish to participate in the program must submit an application to the Department of Economic and Community Development office by June 15 of each year.

St. Mary’s County Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board

The purpose of the St. Mary’s County Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board is to advise the Commissioners with respect to the establishment and status of agricultural districts and the approval of purchases of easements by the Maryland Agricultural Preservation Foundation and to promote preservation of agriculture within the County.

To become involved with or to find out more information on the St. Mary’s County Historic Preservation Commission.

MALPF Easement Application

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