Financial Assistance

Applications and assistance applying for the following programs are available at all senior activity centers:

Electric Universal Service Program – Low income electric customers may receive an annual grant applied to their electric bill to assist with current or past due bills. Applications are accepted between July – May each year through the Tri-County Community Action Committee.
Maryland Energy Assistance Program – Low income homeowners, renters, and boarders may receive an annual grant awarded to their heating supplier to assist with heating expenses. Applications are accepted between July – May each year through the Tri-County Community Action Committee.

Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit (HTC) – The State of Maryland provides a credit for the real property tax bill on the primary residence of homeowners (of all ages) who qualify on the basis of gross household income. St. Mary’s County residents age 70 and over who received the HTC can also receive a credit equal to or up to the amount (less the Bay Restoration Fund fee) of the remaining tax bill.

St. Mary’s County Senior Property Tax Credit - To qualify for this credit for your dwelling, you must be a senior citizen and of limited income. For the purposes of this credit, a senior citizen is a person 70 years old or older as of July 1 of the tax year in which application for the credit is submitted. Furthermore, you must have a household taxable net equal to or less than $80,000.

Renters’ Tax Credit – The State of Maryland provides a small, annual rent reimbursement to residents (of all ages) who have paid rent towards their primary residence and have lived in the residence for at least six months and qualify on the basis of gross household income in relationship to fixed amount of rent charged.

Lifeline – Individuals receiving benefits such as Medical Assistance, food stamps, SSI, energy assistance, etc. are eligible to receive reduced cost landline phone service or a free cell phone. Visit to learn more.

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